Information on incentives and grants

Incentives and grants for energy-saving measures and renewable energy sources

Your quick and reliable guide to the maze of incentives and grants, at both regional and national level in Germany – the ‘Förderkompass Energie’ provides comprehensive information that is updated every day concerning all relevant support programmes offered by the EU, the German federal government, German states, local authorities and by energy supply companies. Carefully researched and edited by the BINE Information Service. Developed for professional use.

Förderkompass Energie - eine BINE-Datenbank

‘Förderkompass Energie’ – the PC database for professional users: comprehensive, up-to-date information on all relevant support programmes for private, commercial and institutional investors. With application forms. Including an Internet updating service for 12 months.

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Help your customers to make investment decisions regarding public incentives and grants by integrating the contents of the ‘Förderkompass Energie’ into your Intranet site or website. In this way, you can make first-class information on support and financing options available to your marketing staff, sales representatives and customers.

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Die Website www.energiefoerderung.info liefert zuverlässig alle Fördermittel für private Bauherren.

Search for grants and incentives on our website www.energiefoerderung.info: here private building contractors will find all the relevant information on the support programmes currently available to them – including descriptions and contact addresses. You can put together your support package online – quickly and according to your needs. This service is free of charge.

In German: www.energiefoerderung.info


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