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Focus on wind energy and photovoltaics

Renewable Energies Research Network founded

Last week, around 150 representatives from industry, science and politics attended the launch event in Berlin to establish the Renewable Energies Research Network. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has initiated the new industry platform. The aim is to bring together experts from wind energy and photovoltaics to identify future topics for research funding.



Thorsten Herdan, head of the "Energy policy – heating and efficiency" department at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, began by welcoming the participants to the event. In his presentation he explained the objectives of the new network: "Germany has an excellent research environment for the wind energy and photovoltaic sectors. We would like to bundle these innovators – which besides the companies particularly include the universities and research institutes – under the auspices of the new Renewable Energies Research Network so that we can regularly identify the research priorities in this area."

In his presentation, Dr Georg Menzen, head of the "Energy research – project funding and international aspects" unit at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, underlined the importance of photovoltaics and wind energy in the current research funding and presented the areas being focussed on. He pointed out that the newly established Renewable Energies Research Network forms part of the Research and Innovation Energy Transition platform. Amongst other things this is used to support Germany's energy transition in the research and development fields.

The various speakers from science, industry and trade associations welcomed the establishment of the research network and, in their presentations, expressed their interest in and the need for further integrating the different areas. They presented important topics that they felt required further action and research. From the scientific field, speakers included Professor Andreas Reuter from the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES and Professor Rolf Brendel from the Institute for Solar Energy Research. Overlaps in terms of the desired future focus areas within the sectors already became evident by the end of the event. In particular, it was felt that a future focus should be on costs and reliability in the renewable energy sector.
The first workshops on specific topics will already be held at the end of the summer. The precise content and focus areas have not yet been defined. Registered participants can submit concrete proposals via the Research Network's online portal.

In addition to the Energies Research Network three more industry platforms have already been founded as part of the Energy Research Network with a focus on "Building and Districts", "System Analysis" and "Electricity Grids".



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