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    “Wind energy has excellent prospects inland”

    One of the highest wind measurement masts in Europe has been standing on top of a wooded hill near Kassel since 2011. The mast is being used to investigate the wind layers between 100 and 200 metres in height and the influence of forest cover and terrain inclinations on the wind profile and generation of turbulence. The measured values, which are obtained using conventional sensors on the mast, are also used to validate and further develop laser-based LiDAR methods. In the interview, Paul Kühn, Group Manager for Onshore Site Assessment at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES, talks about the project’s initial results and future prospects.  more...

    “Secure provision of data centres with renewable energies”

    The RenewIT project is researching how data centres can make greater use of renewable energies. That is an important goal for project partner Thorsten Urbaneck, who is a private lecturer at Chemnitz University of Technology. This is because it is estimated that data centres consume two per cent of the electricity used in Europe – and the trend is increasing.  more...
    News 13.02.2014

    Where renewable power plants pay off

    With the FreeGreenius simulation programme, engineers can calculate which yields can be achieved by a renewable power plant project at a specific location. In addition, the tool also enables them to plan how the installation must be designed and sized in order to feed in the desired amount of electricity into the grid. Designers of solar power plants and wind turbines can therefore gain an initial insight into whether a power plant is viable and under what conditions. The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) offers the software free of charge for downloading.  more...

    Tapping foreign markets with business trips

    The two Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency export initiatives help small- and medium-sized enterprises to open foreign markets. In order to make contact with potential cooperation partners, they are offering diverse business trips to Europe and the rest of the world this year. The service includes an analysis of the specific interests of the companies taking part. Based on this, the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce Abroad (AHKs) are organising individual meetings for the participants with representatives from business, science and administration.  more...
    News 31.01.2014

    Laser-based remote diagnosis of rotor blades

    Wind turbine rotor blades and towers vibrate during normal operation and particularly when there are gusty winds. The analysis of these vibrations plays an important role in terms of the turbine development and maintenance. This was previously only possible at selected points directly on the turbines. For this purpose the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB) has developed a laser-based process that records vibrations on towers, nacelles and rotor blades during the ongoing operation of the turbines – and from a distance of up to one kilometre.  more...
    Projektinfo 18/2013

    Storing wind energy underground

    Pumped storage power plants have been in use for over a hundred years to balance fluctuating electricity loads and to cover peak loads. The energy transition creates additional storage demand with its fluctuating feed-in of wind and solar power into the grid. New sites, however, are scarce. Whether the large differences in the tunnel heights of abandoned mines are usable or not is currently being investigated by an interdisciplinary team of researchers on the basis of two viable locations.  more...

    Precisely measuring how wind turbines affect the grid

    Every wind turbine that is connected to the grid affects the grid quality. Until now, operators have not known the precise extent to which they do this and instead rely on estimations. In order to make better use of capacities and prevent disruptions, scientists at Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg have therefore designed a measuring device that determines the effect of wind turbines on the medium-voltage grid. It is planned to produce a measuring device for high-voltage lines by 2016.  more...

    Providing medical help at sea in emergencies

    In medical emergencies, maintenance teams on offshore wind turbines are initially very much on their own. Since wind turbines at high sea are difficult to reach and the weather is unpredictable, emergency services need considerable time before they arrive. In order not to lose any valuable time, Berlin’s Charité University Hospital has now developed a telemedical emergency concept in conjunction with the EWE energy supply company as part of the "SOS – Sea and Offshore Safety" project.  more...
    Projektinfo 11/2013

    Low-noise anchoring of offshore wind turbines

    The intention is to develop offshore wind energy in the German parts of the North and Baltic seas in an environmentally compatible manner. An important provision when constructing the foundations is to mitigate the construction noise in order to protect marine mammals. In comparison with currently standard pile driving methods, a newly developed drilling process for foundation piles enables noise-reduced installation. Engineers are developing an ocean-going drilling rig and are devising the subsequent construction sequence.  more...

    Nacelles on the test bench

    In Germany it will soon be possible to test entire nacelles for wind turbines with outputs of up to 10 megawatts. For this purpose, Fraunhofer IWES laid the foundation stone for the DyNaLab testing facility last Friday. This is scheduled to begin operation in 2014.  more...



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