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Screenshot of the new website: projektinfos.energiewendebauen.de – it shows all major research results, outstanding projects, actors and events in the research areas of buildings, districts and regional energy systems.
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New online research portal

Web portal for energy-optimised buildings and districts

The website of the ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN research initiative is now online. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is bundling its long-standing subsidy measures entitled Energy Optimized Building, Energy-Efficient City and Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling Networks, and also research on thermal energy storage and low-temperature solar thermal energy systems in the redesigned research initiative. They are being brought together under one umbrella initiative.

The website at www.projektinfos.energiewendebauen.de is designed as a research portal. All majors research results, studies, analyses, outstanding projects, actors and events around the new and more connected research initiative are presented within the context of their topic. That means research topics are concisely presented and linked to in-depth scientific information and documents that are thematically related. BINE Informationsdienst, which edits the projects and news from the research community, is responsible for the design and editing of the new website.
The new research portal replaces the previous websites for Energy Optimized Building (EnOB), energy efficient cities (EnEff:Stadt) and energy-efficient heating and cooling networks (EnEff:Wärme). It already features a selection of interesting research projects with supplementary information, such as news, events, publications and participating actors. The website is continually being expanded and updated. The new website is of interest for planners, consultants, energy or property experts, decision makers and editors specialising in buildings, districts and regional energy systems.

ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN research initiative

ENERGIEWENDEBAUEN is a redesigned research initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Future-proof buildings and districts are studied in more than 500 research and model projects. The vision is for buildings and districts to become smart, networked energy units. A general rule is that today’s buildings and especially future-proof buildings are not completed systems. Buildings are increasingly becoming more integrated with other buildings via energy systems or electricity and heating networks, which transport ever more renewable energy. Energy-related interdependencies are becoming more complex, therefore research must also become more interlinked and synergies must be achieved.



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