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Highly insulating frames developed

Low weight and a lot of foam

The project "Highly insulating window and facade systems" – a collaboration between science and industry – has found the suitable answer to the increasing demands placed on thermal insulation of buildings. The experts involved in the project, which is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, have developed a slim window profile on a passive house level. A thickness of a mere 90 mm is enough to reach a thermal insulation value of 0.68 W/m²K. The frame's centrepiece is an insulating foam made of polyurethane. Project information will be published late September, providing BINE subscribers with more news on the topic.

The entire frame is made of polyurethane (PU), divided into two structures. The insulation core consists of PU insulating foam. The foaming process creates thin walls with air pockets, which in turn leads to low thermal conductivity. The warm and cold sides are thermally separated from one another as much as possible.

A thin layer of form-stable and weatherproof solid polyurethane encases the foam core. The functional envelope has a variable wall thickness and guarantees the frame's mechanical and static properties. Moreover, it provides freedom of design: There are virtually no limitations to how the surfaces can be glued and painted. Thus, the new profile is a "single piece", made of a single material. This facilitates the sorting and recycling of the frame when it is to be disposed of. The weight of the sandwich structure is composed of 95% hard foam core and 5% casing.

The new polyurethane profile requires new ways of producing and processing. The project has developed a process for producing the PU profile as well as a new technique of gluing frame and glazing.

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