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Screenshot: The homepage of the new web portal for the Energy Storage Research Initiative.
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Energy Storage Research Initiative

Ranging from storing heat in solids and liquids to latent heat storage and thermochemical systems, the web portal for the Energy Storage Research Initiative presents current topics, techniques and projects for new energy storage systems.
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Online energy storage research portal

What will tomorrow’s electricity and heat storage systems look like? This question is being answered by the new forschung-energiespeicher.info web portal as of today. It presents projects from the Energy Storage Research Initiative that are concerned with combined wind-hydrogen systems, batteries in the grid and heat storage. The website is aimed at interested citizens, scientists, politicians, journalists and the professional community.

Energy storage systems provide a key technology for the energy system of the future. However, existing technological approaches do not yet have the potential to provide economically feasible and technically robust solutions for all application possibilities. Storage systems are often too expensive, do not attain the required service life or have considerable losses when storing or releasing energy. In the medium to long term, however, the use of storage systems will become increasingly important in line with the constantly increasing proportion of renewable energies. For this reason, the German government has launched the “Energy Storage Funding Initiative”. It funds projects that help to progress the research, development and demonstration of storage technologies.
Most of the funding projects are now underway and the initial findings are already available. The funding initiative has therefore become the “Energy Storage Research Initiative”.

The web portal forschung-energiespeicher.info

Researchers from science and industry are working closely together in the projects. In addition to batteries, capacitors and flow storage systems, the range of topics also includes compressed air and hydrogen storage systems as well as the respective electrolysers. With thermal storage systems, the range extends from latent heat and sorption storage systems to the incorporation of thermal storage systems in heating networks.
The conversion of surplus electricity into hydrogen and the use of batteries in stationary plants are currently being closely researched. For this reason the projects are being organised into different focal areas, namely the “Combined Wind-Hydrogen” and “Batteries in Distribution Networks” flagship programmes.
The forschung-energiespeicher.info portal presents the results from these projects in detail. The research information is supplemented with the latest news, interviews, illustrations and portraits. The portal is aimed at both experts and those interested in the technology.

The Energy Storage Research Initiative

In summer 2012, the German government gave the starting signal for a diverse range of innovative research projects as part of its “Energy Storage Research Initiative”. The funding initiative is aimed at researching, developing and demonstrating cutting edge technologies. For this purpose the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research are providing around 200 million euros as part of the first phase until 2014. Particular focal areas are provided by the two “Combined Wind-Hydrogen” and “Batteries in Distribution Networks” flagship programmes as well as the research projects on thermal storage systems and energy system analysis. The aim is to further develop a wide range of storage technologies for electricity, heat and other energy sources.



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