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    Storing summer heat until winter

    In the SolSpaces project, researchers from the Institute for Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering at the University of Stuttgart are developing a new heating concept for compact residential buildings. This includes a collector system with a thermochemical storage system that can store the solar thermal energy from summer until winter. The scientific monitoring has begun.  more...

    Storing solar energy with new materials

    The interdisciplinary NEOTHERM junior research group at Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg is developing new materials for storing thermal energy. Using new composite materials, the scientists at the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering (FVST) want to recover and store unused solar thermal energy and waste heat from industry. This energy can be used, for example, for heating domestic hot water or for space heating.  more...

    Online energy storage research portal

    What will tomorrow’s electricity and heat storage systems look like? This question is being answered by the new forschung-energiespeicher.info web portal as of today. It presents projects from the Energy Storage Research Initiative that are concerned with combined wind-hydrogen systems, batteries in the grid and heat storage. The website is aimed at interested citizens, scientists, politicians, journalists and the professional community.  more...
    News 23.07.2013

    Measuring the underground storage potential

    What is the potential provided by underground energy storage facilities? This question is being pursued by scientists from Kiel University, who are investigating the geo-scientific bases for underground storage systems as part of the joint ANGUS+ project. They are focussing on storing natural gas, hydrogen and pressurised air in cavern and pore storage facilities as well as on storing heat in the shallow subsurface.  more...

    Storing solar energy in the ground

    Solar thermal energy is intended to cover 50 per cent of the heating requirements of a residential area being developed on the site of a former army barracks in Crailsheim-Hirtenwiesen. To ensure that this is possible throughout the year, a seasonal borehole thermal energy storage system has been installed with a volume of 10,000 m3 of water equivalent. This is the most cost-effective version to be produced so far. However, before drilling could commence for the storage system, a specialist team had to search the area for unexploded ordnance.  more...

    Long-term storage system in lime

    What potential is provided by thermochemical storage systems? Researchers at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) have been pursuing this question. With a new test plant they are investigating the extent to which solar heat can be stored thermochemically for industrial processes and solar power plants.  more...

    Phase change stores heat

    When it comes to transporting heat from boilers to heating surfaces or supplying cooling energy to cooling ceilings, water has proved to be an excellent heat transfer medium. However, in some application areas it is now facing competition: various research groups are working on heat transfer fluids that have at least double the energy density. Phase change materials such as paraffin, which are finely distributed in water, store heat when they melt and release it again when they solidify.  more...

    Research becoming increasingly important

    At the Annual Conference of the Renewable Energy Research Association (FVEE) on 16 and 17 October 2012, scientists and industrial representatives presented innovations along with new strategies for their market introduction. In his opening speech, Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier emphasised that greater importance should be given to research and development in regard to the era of energy revolution.  more...

    Using solar roofs twice over

    Instead of screwing various module and collector types for solar power and solar heat on the roof, an obvious idea would be to use a hybrid collector that can do both and which creates a uniform appearance. In addition to generating photovoltaic electricity, which only utilises 15-20 % of the incident solar radiation, a so-called PVT collector can use the remaining radiation energy for generating heat. Researchers are working on optimising the output and production of these systems.  more...

    Storing the sun for learning and living

    Germany's largest solar thermal system, "Hirtenwiesen II", was inaugurated in Crailsheim in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In addition to 260 accommodation units, the solar local heating supply system also supplies a school and a sports hall. The collector surface area is around 7,400 m² and includes one borehole heat exchanger heat storage tank and two buffer storage tanks. The German Federal Ministry for the Environment was one of the sponsors of the showcase project.  more...



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