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    Research funding for the energy turnaround increasing

    Energy research contributes towards the development of the processes and technologies necessary for achieving the goals of the energy turnaround. The German government has been continuously increasing funding for energy research since 2006. In 2013 alone, it spent 100 million euros more on this than in the prior year. This reinforced above all the research areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. It provided just under 300 million euros for each of these subjects.  more...
    News 12.03.2014

    Fuel cell heating units ready for market

    In Germany’s largest fuel cell heating unit field test, 350 systems by various manufacturers have been tested in homes to date. This is in preparation for market launch and mass production. By mid-2016, up to 500 units are to be tested in the “Callux” field test.  more...

    Online energy storage research portal

    What will tomorrow’s electricity and heat storage systems look like? This question is being answered by the new forschung-energiespeicher.info web portal as of today. It presents projects from the Energy Storage Research Initiative that are concerned with combined wind-hydrogen systems, batteries in the grid and heat storage. The website is aimed at interested citizens, scientists, politicians, journalists and the professional community.  more...
    Projektinfo 02/2013

    Low-emission energy supplies at truck stops

    Long-distance trucks also require electrical power when they are not moving or parked in truck stops – for air conditioning, communications technology, lighting, kettles and refrigerators. However, if the driver lets his 400-PS engine idle, he will use too much diesel – and noise, exhaust fumes and soot pollute the environment. As an environmentally friendly alternative, engineers are developing an engine-independent onboard power supply with a high-temperature fuel cell system that uses diesel as the fuel.  more...

    Research becoming increasingly important

    At the Annual Conference of the Renewable Energy Research Association (FVEE) on 16 and 17 October 2012, scientists and industrial representatives presented innovations along with new strategies for their market introduction. In his opening speech, Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier emphasised that greater importance should be given to research and development in regard to the era of energy revolution.  more...

    Fuel cells for motorhomes on the market

    At this year´s "Caravan Salon" trade fair for leisure mobility in Düsseldorf, the Truma equipment company was showcasing its VeGA fuel cell system, which is now available on the market. It enables automatic and optimised recharging of batteries in leisure vehicles (BINE reported during the research phase). The liquid gas available on board makes it possible for motor homes to be independent of external electricity supplies for several days or even weeks.  more...

    Researchers improve reformers

    Generating the hydrogen needed for fuel cells from biogas or natural gas requires a relatively complex reformer system. This splits the fuels into hydrogen and CO2. In a joint project, the German Federal Ministry of Economics funded three research facilities that investigated the possibilities for manufacturing reformers that are more long lasting and robust. After a two-and-a-half year duration, the project has now been successfully concluded.  more...
    Projektinfo 05/2012

    New approaches to supplying domestic energy

    Fuel cells have unique abilities: in contrast to other co-generation (CHP) plants, they directly convert the chemically bound energy of fuel sources such as hydrogen or natural gas without using a flame. If they are deployed in heating devices, they generate electricity and heat efficiently. Indeed, they are considerably more efficient than combining conventional electricity generation and condensing boilers.  more...

    Storage systems increasingly in the research spotlight

    Technologies for storing energy will play a decisive role in future. They are essential not just for balancing out the supply of fluctuating renewable resources such as solar power and wind energy but also for continuing to ensure a reliable energy provision. At the same time, storage systems in electric and hydrogen-fuelled vehicles are paving the way for a mobile future beyond the fossil fuel era. Future storage systems formed the focus of attention at the first "Energy Storage Symposium", which was held by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) at the beginning of March.  more...

    Pallet truck on alcohol

    Ten thousand hours of operation: This record was set by the Institute for Energy and Climate Research at the Research Centre Jülich using a hybrid system based on direct methanol fuel cells. In the project, which has been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, a fuel cell stack has been designed for use in electric forklift trucks.  more...



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