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Up to a fifth of the energy costs of municipal real estate can be saved by means of communal energy management. Photo shows the central library in Nuremberg, Germany, consisting of the renovated existing building and a newly constructed elongated block.
© Hochbauamt Stadt Nürnberg
Municipal energy management

Kom.EMS consists of four components: The Kom.EMS Check tool, the Kom.EMS guidelines, the Kom.EMS knowledge portal and Kom.EMS quality assurance as the core of the tool set.

The online tool was released on 13 September by representatives of the four state energy agencies and chairs of the Federal/State Consortium for Climate, Energy, Mobility, Sustainability.
© Kerstin Pagel

Kom.EMS for standardised energy management

Energy agencies of the German Federal States of Baden-Württemberg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia have developed a tool under the name KOM.EMS for establishing and operating an energy management system for municipal administrations. The tool aids in evaluating, optimising and perpetuating energy management. The online tool was unveiled to the public on 13 September.

Town halls, schools, nurseries and other public buildings in German cities and municipalities consume much more energy than they need. Around 10 to 20% of the energy costs of each municipality could be saved without significant investment through efficient energy management - across Germany as a whole, this would amount to approx. 370 million euros. Presentations in Berlin on 13 September 2018 by energy agencies from four federal states looked at how this savings potential can be unlocked in future in municipal properties. This cooperation is a first step towards a Germany-wide quality standard for municipal energy management. The cooperative relationship has at its heart a free online tool called “Kom.EMS” (municipal energy management system). The project’s participants include the Energy Management Centre of Excellence of the KEA Climate Protection and Energy Agency of Baden-Württemberg, the Energy Agency of Saxony, the State Energy Agency of Saxony-Anhalt, and the Energy and GreenTech Agency of Thuringia.

Many municipalities have still to introduce professional energy management due to a lack of time, knowledge and resources. Within federal states too, the manner in which municipal energy management is practised varies hugely. The aim of the project is to learn from the experiences of other regions and to develop the structure for efficient energy management. The development initiative benefits from the many years of practical experience of the four state energy agencies: The agencies have supported numerous municipalities in introducing energy management.

“With the Kom.EMS online tool, municipal administrations get professional, practical and free support in introducing or optimising energy management,” explains Frank Kuhlmey, project manager for Municipal Energy Management at the Thuringia Energy and GreenTech Agency. “The tool assists municipalities from the get-go and encompasses all administrative levels and instruments relevant to energy management in order to permanently save energy.” With checklists and digital guidelines, it offers a compact information package for establishing energy management. The online platform for instance creates structures where responsibilities, e.g. for energy-saving heating operation, are not clearly regulated. A knowledge portal with specific tools such as sample draft resolutions or a calculational tool provide further assistance with continuing implementation.

The tool was officially unveiled at the autumn conference of the Federal/State Consortium for Climate, Energy, Mobility, Sustainability. It is now available free of charge to municipalities of the four participating federal states. The online tool and further information (in German) are available here.



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Provider of the online tool

Provider of the online tool

Provider of the online tool

Provider of the online tool


Website of the tool for quality assurance and evaluation of energy management systems in municipalities (in German)

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