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The photo shows the inner courtyard of the demonstration building with a view of the south wing.
© Annika Zeitler, OTH Regensburg
Solar Construction / Energy-Efficient City

Modern living in an historic urban district

The Margaretenau residential district in Regensburg is being modernised to improve its energy efficiency. The designers are developing a solar-active and -adaptive exterior render system as a replacement for conventional thermal insulation for the facades. This should increase the solar yields and improve the thermal comfort inside the buildings. The energy supply will be provided by a new and efficient hybrid heating system consisting of cogeneration and heat pump technology.

Over the next three years, exemplary solutions for energy-optimised living will be tested in Regensburg. In addition to the scientists at OTH Regensburg, the project also involves the University of Bayreuth as well as other partners from administration, business and industry. The plan is to have a solar-active exterior render that can optimally utilise the sun's rays according to the bionic principle utilised by polar bear fur. An efficient hybrid combination consisting of a cogeneration plant and heat pump technology will provide heat, electricity and domestic hot water. The potential for savings resulting from this and the network efficiency of the overall system should ensure that the rent for residents after the modernisation is not increased, thus guaranteeing affordable housing.

The demonstration building from the 1930s forms part of an ensemble consisting of around 80 mostly two-storey residential buildings with 362 residential units. Half of the residents will move out of the apartments temporarily so that the building with 24 residential units can be modernised on both the outside and inside. They will be accommodated in vacant apartments in the district.

New energy management

The scientists are developing new planning and control software for the intelligent energy management of the entire system. This collects consumption data and weather forecasts and takes into account the current energy prices. The generation of heat and electricity can be matched in real time to the needs of the building. This can save costs and resources.

The Solar Construction / Energy-Efficient City support initiative

The project is being funded as part of the Solar Construction/Energy Efficient City support initiative set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Module 1, called "Solar Construction", focuses on projects concerned with energy-efficient buildings and building ensembles. The project is focussing on active and adaptive building envelopes as well as grid-supportive buildings with a high solar fraction.



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