141118 1 Sixtinische Kapelle Neues Licht
News 18.11.2014

The Sistine Chapel in a new light

Over the last number of months, the Sistine Chapel has been fitted out with LEDs as part of an EU pilot project. The LEDs provide greatly enhanced illumination compared to the existing lighting system dating back to the 1980s and consume less than half the amount of electricity. The spectrum of an LED contains virtually no ultraviolet and infrared radiation that might damage the artworks. This means that, unlike before, the lights can now be used directly inside the building.  more...
projekt 1414 00
Projektinfo 14/2014

Vacuum tank stores heat

An efficient long-term heat storage tank boosts the shares of fraction of solar thermal energy systems in buildings. Staff at Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research and at steel and metal engineering company Hummelsberger have developed a storage system that minimises thermal losses and optimises temperature stratification. A vacuum between the inner and outer tank combined with a perlite powder filling reduces the thermal conductivity of the storage tank shell.  more...
141215 1 IPA Smartes-Anti-Eissystem-fuer-Rotorblaetter
News 15.12.2014

Heating system keeps rotor blades ice-free

In cold climate zones, the wind is particularly strong meaning best conditions for a wind turbine. However, in the cold temperatures there is the danger of ice that can freeze onto rotor blades. This can lead to imbalances, impairment of the rotor blade’s aerodynamics and a drop in the efficiency of the turbine. The so-called carbon-nanotube coating offers a solution.  more...
141111 1 SCOOP
News 11.11.2014

Low-cost collector integration in buildings

To promote the spread of solar thermal energy further, the cost of system components must come down. Under the stewardship of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, scientists have developed collectors with absorbers and coverings produced from low-cost plastic. Over 30 terraced houses in the Mortensrud neighbourhood near Oslo in Norway have been fitted with the new technology and showcased recently to the public.  more...
141027 Petrochemie-Industrieanlage bei Nacht  c  eyetronic Fotolia
News 29.10.2014

Chemical industry launches ENPRO initiative

Through the ENPRO research initiative, chemical corporations BASF, Bayer and Evonik hope to bring to the market new products much more quickly from the lab and establish more energy-efficient manufacturing processes in cooperation with other companies and universities. The initiative envisages the application of continuous production processes for small product volumes too in the special chemicals sector and the phasing out thereby of batch-based manufacture. In doing so, the partner institutions are seeking to develop new methods and system and equipment concepts.  more...
141028 1 Pruefung Gluehatmosphaere Deutsche Nanoschicht

Industrially producing superconductors

High-temperature superconductors enable electricity to be generated and transported much more efficiently than previously. However, high production costs have until now curbed their more widespread utilisation – especially uses that go beyond special applications and pilot projects such as AmpaCity. The thin-film specialist Deutsche Nanoschicht and the equipment engineering company Theva are therefore working to improve the production of second generation high-temperature superconductors (HTS) and to scale them up to an industrial standard.  more...
141111 1 Ein und Ausspeichern 1

Thermochemical storage systems for continuous load

Through the “Thermochemical energy storage unit for thermal power plants and industrial heat” project (TcET), researchers at TU Munich hope to increase the flexibility of fossil fuel power plants. The trick in all of this: If no or a reduced volume of electrical power is required, the plant does not power down. The surplus energy rather is temporarily stored in thermochemical storage systems.  more...
141024 1 Kather Begruessung COORETEC AMichels
News 24.10.2014

COORETEC celebrates 10 years of power plant research

In October, the COORETEC research initiative organised by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy celebrated its tenth anniversary in Berlin. In recent years, around 500 research projects have been initiated and funded with more than 500 million euros invested by both the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and the industry.  more...
141120 1 Elektroauto tankt Strom Copyright Anna Durst
News 20.11.2014

How electric vehicles can be of use to the grid

The batteries in electric vehicles can store surplus energy from the electricity grid. By the same token, they can feed back electrical energy to the grid at times of high demand for electricity. As part of the NET-INES project, scientists are investigating different charging and discharging strategies as well as the opportunities to market this service. For this purpose, they surveyed more than 600 vehicle owners.  more...
projekt 1314 00

Making district heating renewable

Three research teams have investigated how the proportion of renewable energies can be increased in district heating networks. Custom strategies were developed in this respect for the model regions Jena and Ulm. The key lay in identifying the appropriate renewable energy sources and in understanding the potential these exhibit and the effect their inclusion would have on the efficiency of the networks. The project also comprises a survey of existing heat networks with best practice analyses.  more...



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