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Wood foam replaces artificial insulation material

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI in Braunschweig have developed a process which allows foam to be produced from wood particles. It is as light as balsa wood, a material commonly used for model aircraft, and has excellent thermal insulation properties due to its pore structure. The material is suitable as insulation, packing material and for structural applications. The form-stable wood foam can currently be produced at a laboratory scale.  more...
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Energy efficient Ludwigsburg

At the EnEff:Stadt Conference, which was held in January 2014 in Berlin, the City of Ludwigsburg presented its longstanding experience and activities, which today are systematically aimed at achieving energy efficiency and climate protection. Particularly with the founding of the Sustainable Urban Development Department, the municipality has created a decisive organisational basis for implementing its urban development concept. The department steers and processes the diverse range of projects, and integrates them with all administrative activities. Since 2005, continual public participation has ensured its acceptance.  more...
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News 13.02.2014

Where renewable power plants pay off

With the FreeGreenius simulation programme, engineers can calculate which yields can be achieved by a renewable power plant project at a specific location. In addition, the tool also enables them to plan how the installation must be designed and sized in order to feed in the desired amount of electricity into the grid. Designers of solar power plants and wind turbines can therefore gain an initial insight into whether a power plant is viable and under what conditions. The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) offers the software free of charge for downloading.  more...
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Tapping foreign markets with business trips

The two Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency export initiatives help small- and medium-sized enterprises to open foreign markets. In order to make contact with potential cooperation partners, they are offering diverse business trips to Europe and the rest of the world this year. The service includes an analysis of the specific interests of the companies taking part. Based on this, the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce Abroad (AHKs) are organising individual meetings for the participants with representatives from business, science and administration.  more...
131127 1 Neotherm Nachwuchsgruppe

Storing solar energy with new materials

The interdisciplinary NEOTHERM junior research group at Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg is developing new materials for storing thermal energy. Using new composite materials, the scientists at the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering (FVST) want to recover and store unused solar thermal energy and waste heat from industry. This energy can be used, for example, for heating domestic hot water or for space heating.  more...
131104 1 Marek Miara Fraunhofer ISE

“Heat pumps are ready for the smart grid”

Over the last few years, heat pumps have become more efficient. In a recent interview, Marek Miara, head of the heat pump unit at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, talked about research results and future development potential. His team has completed three large-scale monitoring projects in old and new buildings.  more...
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News 12.03.2014

Fuel cell heating units ready for market

140107 1 CO2-Waesche
News 07.01.2014

Efficiently capturing carbon dioxide with spray scrubbers

Spray scrubbers have been successfully used in power plants for years for desulphurising flue gas. Now it is intended that they should scrub another material – namely climate-harming carbon dioxide (CO2). Until now a hurdle preventing large-scale CO2 capturing has been the high investment costs for the plant technology and the considerable amount of energy required for the operation. The University of Stuttgart is therefore working with partners to improve this process.  more...
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News 06.03.2014

Superconductor begins test operation

Developers from science and industry are jointly investigating the technical, economic and ecological aspects concerned with superconductor technology in electricity grids. As part of the AmpaCity project in Essen, a two-year test operation is scheduled to be launched this spring with a one-kilometre superconductor test route. This test is designed to show that superconductor technology could provide a future alternative to conventional high voltage technology in cities.  more...
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Projektinfo 18/2013

Storing wind energy underground

Pumped storage power plants have been in use for over a hundred years to balance fluctuating electricity loads and to cover peak loads. The energy transition creates additional storage demand with its fluctuating feed-in of wind and solar power into the grid. New sites, however, are scarce. Whether the large differences in the tunnel heights of abandoned mines are usable or not is currently being investigated by an interdisciplinary team of researchers on the basis of two viable locations.  more...



25.04.2014 - 26.04.2014

18. Internationale Passivhaustagung
05.05.2014 - 09.05.2014
Indonesien, Jakarta

Netzgekoppelte Photovoltaik in Indonesien
07.05.2014 - 09.05.2014
Bad Staffelstein

24. Symposium Thermische Solarenergie

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