140905-1-Absorptionskaelte Funktionsmuster50k W

Efficient cooling generation lowers costs

The efficiency of combined heat and power generation can be increased with absorption chillers. The costs incurred by current plants are nevertheless still too high and they often operate inefficiently. However, the absorption cooling technology that has been developed by the Technische Universität Berlin in conjunction with research partners promises a roughly 30 per cent better power density and reduces the investment costs by about half.  more...

Research funding for the energy turnaround increasing

Energy research contributes towards the development of the processes and technologies necessary for achieving the goals of the energy turnaround. The German government has been continuously increasing funding for energy research since 2006. In 2013 alone, it spent 100 million euros more on this than in the prior year. This reinforced above all the research areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. It provided just under 300 million euros for each of these subjects.  more...
141006 1 WR-Konfiguration
News 06.10.2014

Optimal integration of photovoltaic systems in the grid

More and more photovoltaic systems feed electricity into the distribution grid. If the electricity generated locally is not used locally by consumers, this can increase the voltage in the grid. In the PV-Integrated research project, scientists are developing inverter control systems which help stabilise the grid. The new models are currently being evaluated in field tests.  more...
140922 1 Novatec Solarfeld PE1
News 18.09.2014

Molten salt transfers heat

At the PE1 power plant in southern Spain, a demonstration plant has gone into operation that uses inorganic molten salt as the heat carrier. The advantage: Salt is inexpensive and can also be used as a heat storage medium. In addition, operating temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius can be achieved, which increases the efficiency by ten per cent.  more...
140819 1 ETA-Fabrik aussen

Start signal for model factory

Mechanical engineers, construction engineers, architects and industry experts have developed a new production facility: the so-called ETA factory. The foundation stone was laid for it on 12 August 2014. This initiates the start of construction of the model factory at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, in which in future machines, building technology and the building envelope can be energetically linked and perfected. It is scheduled to open in October 2015.  more...
140819 1 BIK mapretec Automatisierte Fertigung

Producing rotor blades more quickly

Scientists at the University of Bremen have developed a new automated process for the production of rotor blades together with partners from industry. A textile product is first cut to size mechanically, stacked, shaped in accordance with the subsequent blade design and then placed in the negative mould. This is followed by the injection of the resin. The process is intended to shorten production time and improve quality.  more...
140723 1 Energy Charts Fraunhofer ISE
News 17.07.2014

Database shows output from renewables

The sources of renewable energy –sun, wind, water and biomass – account for a large share of the electricity production in Germany. At the beginning of July 2014, solar energy covered the entire peak load. This is shown in the new online “Energy Charts” database at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE.  more...
projekt 0614 00b

Durable diesel engine with electronic control

The engine manufacturers Hatz developed a diesel engine in the performance class of up to 56 kW with a common-rail injection system. Combined with a more compact design, the Lower Bavarian engineering company significantly reduced consumption. They also reduced both nitrogen oxide emissions with exhaust gas recirculation, and soot particle emissions with an entirely new combustion system. The engine concept developed in the research project is the foundation for a new line of water-cooled diesel engines.  more...
140910 1 Goldisthal Thomas Schubert-Vattenfall

Prospects for pumped storage power plants

Pumped storage power plants make an important contribution to securing energy supplies and help to integrate renewable energies into the electricity grid in a profitable manner. However, it is precisely the grid feed-in of wind and solar power that is threatening the current business model for the plants. A study is therefore investigating how their economic viability and the investment environment can be improved through cooperation between Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the DACH countries).  more...
140812 1 Otti Uni Sto Beschriftung

Flexible deployment of heat storage systems

Those retrofitting heat storage systems in buildings often come up against their limits. Large-volume storage tanks often do not pass through standard doors. Together with Consolar, which manufactures solar thermal systems, scientists at the Institute for Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering at the University of Stuttgart are therefore developing a storage system that consists of several modules and can be assembled on site. The modular storage system will be installed in an apartment building and tested in practice in autumn.  more...



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