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Projektinfo 04/2015

Local heating links newbuild with existing district

By means of a district energy concept, researchers in Ludwigsburg are combining the advantages of ambitious building concepts and refurbishment measures with energy efficient heat supply. The heat required for the Sonnenberg development area is generated in winter using a brine/water heat pump in combination with a combined heat and power plant. The local heating network and its extension into the adjacent existing district of Grünbühl provide the post-war housing estate, which is in need of refurbishment, with not just greater living comfort but also energy efficiency benefits and cost savings.  more...
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Projektinfo 03/2015

Heating with gas adsorption heat pumps

Condensing boiler technology has long been considered the most energy-saving technology for heating single- and multi-family homes with gas. Its systematic further development is now provided by adsorption heating devices. They combine condensing boiler technology with a zeolite/water-based thermal heat pump module. This uses geothermal energy or solar energy and reduces the fuel consumption by more than 20 per cent relative to condensing boiler technology.   more...
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Projektinfo 01/2015

Efficient production of monocrystalline semiconductors

A Freiberg-based semiconductor manufacturer has now developed a new process that enables up to nine crystals to be grown simultaneously in parallel. This reduces the specific energy consumption for the production by two thirds. The new technological principle can be applied to growing other semiconductor substrates.  more...
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Energy research on course to delivering the energy transition

The German federal government recently published the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency. The concept is specifically aimed at winning over all actors in society in achieving greater energy efficiency. A few days later, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy announced its research funding for the German federal government’s 6th Energy Research Programme. In the BINE interview, Dr Rodoula Tryfonidou from the responsible department in the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy talks about the contribution made by energy research in bringing about the Energiewende – Germany’s energy transition.  more...
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News 18.03.2015

New forging process reduces proportion of burrs

A newly developed forging process is saving material and energy. In the “multi-directional forging” process, researchers have been able to reduce the proportion of burrs when forging crankshafts from 54 to 7 per cent, with associated energy savings of roughly 20 per cent. The process has already been successfully tested in industrial application.  more...
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Energy diet for confectionary manufacturer

The confectionary manufacturer, Ferrero, and the packaging specialist, Junghans, want to save half the energy that they previously required for production. With the help of a new energy monitoring system, they also want to become smart consumers: They would then purchase energy, when it is cheapest for them. A recently started research project will define what the companies have to change in terms of production and management.  more...
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News 25.03.2015

Biomass in coal-fired power plants can improve carbon footprint

Using simulations for fuel flexibility, researchers hope to uncover the true extent of potential improvement to the carbon footprint of existing power stations. One option that exists is to add biomass to coal in the form of woodchips. Though at higher rates of co-combustion in particular, electrical power consumption in the crushing process increases enormously. This can be reduced with the proper pretreatment.  more...
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Thermochemical storage systems for continuous load

Through the “Thermochemical energy storage unit for thermal power plants and industrial heat” project (TcET), researchers at TU Munich hope to increase the flexibility of fossil fuel power plants. The trick in all of this: If no or a reduced volume of electrical power is required, the plant does not power down. The surplus energy rather is temporarily stored in thermochemical storage systems.  more...
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Stepping-up battery research

An expert commission of the Technology Network of the International Energy Agency held a conference in Berlin on the topic of energy storage devices. Representatives of various member states voiced recommendations for future research into storage devices in a workshop. Battery technology was focussed on.  more...
150225 1 Photovoltaik-Einspeisung in laendlichen Gebieten
News 24.02.2015

Batteries in the low-voltage grid for more PV energy

In areas where already a large number of photovoltaic systems are installed, impermissibly high voltages can occur in the power grid on sunny days. It therefore needs to be clarified how the energy generated can be optimally used both technically and economically. One idea is that new charging strategies for batteries can effectively relieve the grid by optimally integrating the energy storage systems.  more...



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06.05.2015 - 08.05.2015
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08.05.2015 - 17.05.2015
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