151109 1 Interview Hermann Denz

“Rethinking collectors from a construction industry perspective”

The trend towards zero-energy and energy-plus buildings has also increased the importance of using roofs and facades for the generation of renewable energy. The TABSOLAR research project has resulted in the development of new thermo-active building systems that are suitable for industrial prefabrication and can be used in a wide range of applications.  more...
151012 1 Wagner Interview Nutzerzufriedenheit

“User satisfaction plays a major role”

User satisfaction plays a major role in office buildings. It affects the social interaction between employees and increases their motivation and productivity. Together with a 24-member team of authors, Professor Andreas Wagner from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has recently published a technical book on the topic. In the BINE interview, he talks about the factors, costs and potential.  more...
151102 1 Interview Weyres-Borchert c ADurst

“We have to consider renewables as an association”

New or existing buildings: covering heat demand with renewable energy has become a trend. Generally speaking, solar thermal systems are the ideal choice for hot water supply and heating support. But things have not been easy on the industry. In the BINE interview, Bernhard Weyres-Borchert, president of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie (DGS), speaks about chances and constraints of this sophisticated technology.  more...
151026 1 Dy Na Lab IWES Martina Buchholz

Germany’s largest nacelle test rig inaugurated

Germany’s largest test rig for wind turbine nacelles is now in Bremerhaven. Here, drive trains with up to eight megawatts can be tested. A load transmission system mechanically simulates the wind loads occurring in the field. The Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES recently commissioned the nacelle test rig.  more...
projekt 1115 00
Projektinfo 11/2015

Hybrid building machinery

Hybrid drives make construction machinery not only more economical and quieter – the power from the two engines also provides power reserves for special loads. The advantages of combining a combustion engine with an electric drive have been demonstrated by the DEUTZ engine manufacturing company from Cologne using an excavator. In order to realise the full savings potential, the engineers have also closely examined the auxiliary units as part of the Green Industrial Diesel (GRID) project.  more...
projekt 0815 00
Projektinfo 08/2015

Processing solar cells with lasers

Laser technology enables solar cells to be produced with greater efficiency. It replaces or eliminates costly processing steps that were previously required. Researchers have developed a method for laser contacting the rear side of solar cells that can be integrated into existing production lines for screen printing solar cells. The new technique enables the cells to be produced at a lower cost, reduces the energy and materials deployed, and eliminates previously required environmentally harmful chemicals.  more...
projekt 1215 00

Energy centre supplies Giessen University Hospital

Giessen’s municipal utility company and University Hospital have jointly constructed the first energy centre to be integrated into a local heating and cooling network. The newly developed combined cooling, heating and power system ensures an uninterrupted supply to the hospital. It saves 21.7 % of the primary energy and 33.6 % of the CO2 emissions.  more...
151002 1 DLR DUKE
News 02.10.2015

Greater efficiency: Generating steam in receivers

On the Plataforma Solar de Almería in southern Spain, scientists from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have developed a new way of generating solar steam. In the installation, the steam used for producing electricity is generated directly in the receiver tubes in the parabolic troughs. This therefore eliminates intermediate steps using heat transfer media and also enables higher operating temperatures of up to 550 degrees Celsius. This should therefore enable parabolic trough power plants to produce electricity more efficiently and cheaply.  more...
151006 01 dynagridcenter-forscher
News 06.10.2015

Securely controlling dynamic electricity grids

The construction of power plants that generate electricity from the wind and sun continues apace. In particular at high sea, but also in rural areas, there is still considerable development potential during the next few years amounting to several gigawatts. The load centres, however, are situated in the metropolitan areas in the middle and south of the country. It is therefore important to integrate the locally created surplus capacities in an intelligent manner.  more...
projekt 1015 00
Projektinfo 10/2015

University campus to become climate neutral

An interdisciplinary research team has developed an energy master plan for the campus belonging to the Technische Universität Braunschweig. Various scenarios for developing the campus as far as 2020 have been created with the aim of reducing the primary energy consumption by 40% and, in the long term, facilitating the conversion to renewable energy. Planning principles have been developed for the renovation and urban development of the site that can also be transferred to other urban districts.  more...



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