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Projektinfo 07/2015

Thermal storage systems brought into shape

Thermal storage systems that utilise zeolite are still very rare. In a research project, scientists have investigated aluminosilicates for their practical use in thermal storage systems. They have succeeded in significantly improving the energy density, cycle resistance and thermal performance. The research has led to the development of a thermochemical storage system for a CHP power plant.  more...
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Tracking down corrosion

Corrosion can affect the performance of water-bearing heating or cooling systems, and even cripple them entirely. In a research project, this problem is now being examined more closely. An online survey developed for this purpose targets planners and operators. In a subsequent field test, the researchers aim to identify corrosion phenomena in a number of buildings, and implement exemplary remedial measures. They are still looking for suitable reference buildings.  more...
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Projektinfo 06/2015

Stable grid with 100 per cent green electricity

In a power grid, the energy provided must always be equal to the power demanded. Only then can frequency and voltage remain stable. Ensuring this is the task of grid operators. But when volatile — meaning not arbitrarily adjustable — energy sources are the main sources of electrical energy, grid operators face a challenge.  more...
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Testing towers and foundations

Manufacturers are offering ever larger and more powerful wind turbines for utilising wind power. As the wind turbine sizes increase, the wind and weather take an increasing toil on the structures and turbine components. Hanover University’s Test Center Support Structures opened in 2014 to enable the components used for the tower and foundations to be tested and optimised in advance.  more...
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News 19.05.2015

Series production of superconductors starts

The end of the research project marks the beginning of mass production: Theva aims to develop a mass market for superconductors with its new production facility. The manufacturer wants to provide a resistance-free conductor that can be quickly adapted to different application areas. Until now the applications have been limited to niche uses.  more...
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Superlubricity reduces friction

The forces of friction play a central role in vehicles. They inevitably lead to higher fuel consumption and wear in and on all moving parts. Researchers are therefore searching for ways to keep the forces of friction as low as possible. One area of research is diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC). In an interview, Dr Johann Schnagl, Project Manager in the BMW Group and Professor Dr Michael Moseler from Fraunhofer IWM explained this area of research.  more...
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News 25.03.2015

Biomass in coal-fired power plants can improve carbon footprint

Using simulations for fuel flexibility, researchers hope to uncover the true extent of potential improvement to the carbon footprint of existing power stations. One option that exists is to add biomass to coal in the form of woodchips. Though at higher rates of co-combustion in particular, electrical power consumption in the crushing process increases enormously. This can be reduced with the proper pretreatment.  more...
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Thermochemical storage systems for continuous load

Through the “Thermochemical energy storage unit for thermal power plants and industrial heat” project (TcET), researchers at TU Munich hope to increase the flexibility of fossil fuel power plants. The trick in all of this: If no or a reduced volume of electrical power is required, the plant does not power down. The surplus energy rather is temporarily stored in thermochemical storage systems.  more...
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News 01.06.2015

Virtually linking mini-CHP systems

Linked decentralised combined heat and power plants (CHP) and electric loads will be able to participate in the electricity market in the future by forming a regional and virtual power plant. This will compensate for power fluctuations and create more flexibility while being economic and efficient. The research association ‘Thermal and electric CHP linking’, coordinated by TU Dresden, presented their results.  more...
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Increased range, reduced costs

One million electric vehicles by 2020 – that is the declared goal of the German Federal Government. However, existing battery systems are not suitable enough for everyday use. In the joint DriveBattery2015 project, developers are therefore designing a new control and interconnection concept. Their aims: to increase the range, reduce costs and make electric cars more reliable. The first phase of the DriveBattery project has now come to an end – time for an interim balance.  more...


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