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The International Energy Agency (IEA) provides scientists and technical specialists with an energy technology network as a platform where they can share research at the international level and establish research collaborations.
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International Energy Agency
Themeninfo I/2014
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Researching in the global network

International research collaborations are becoming increasingly important. Germany is involved in a variety of ways in international energy research. An important pillar in this regard is its involvement in the International Energy Agency (IEA). Germany is a founding member of this organisation. An IEA field of activity particularly relevant to energy research is its energy technology network. This provides scientists and technical specialists with various platforms where they can share research at the international level and establish or develop research collaborations. The spectrum of topics is very broad, ranging from energy efficiency and renewable energies to fossil fuels and nuclear fusion. There is a Working Party or Coordinating Committee for each of these areas. Allocated to each of these areas are technically appropriate multilateral technology initiatives, which are also known as Implementing Agreements.

This BINE-Themeninfo brochure presents a selection of Germany’s activities in the IEA’s energy technology network. Of the 28 Implementing Agreements in which German institutions are currently involved, ten technology initiatives will be presented in this brochure in more detail, whereby the focus will be on Germany‘s involvement in the Working Party on Energy End-Use Technologies and the Working Party on Renewable Energy Technologies. The only exception is the power plant sector, which is also being presented and which forms part of the Working Party on Fossil Fuels.


In order to provide an overview of all of Germany’s activities within the energy technology network, these have been marked in colour in Fig. 3 on page 5. Further information on the Working Parties that cannot be provided in detail in this brochure is available on the websites for the respective initiatives. Those interested can find the addresses in the inner part of the BINE-Themeninfo brochure.

Just like the research itself, its organisation and structure are also subject to constant change within the framework of the IEA. This publication therefore provides a closer look at the status quo in selected topic areas.


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Organisation of the technology network


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