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Energy-efficient schools
Themeninfo I/2015
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Ventilation in schools

In Germany, the shortened overall length of secondary education and increasingly frequent all-day teaching mean that children, adolescents and teachers these days spend more hours of the week in school buildings than previous generations. Modern school buildings need to be able to offer a diverse education and facilitate the use of schools as a learning and living environment. In addition to the socially widely discussed educational approaches, an essential aspect of state-of-the-art schools also includes the provision of buildings with a higher user quality. Given the drop in pupil numbers, this is mainly concerned with the structural and energy-efficient retrofitting of existing buildings rather than with new-buildings.

One aspect is architectural design that focuses more on the needs of children and adolescents. However, schools will only be able to offer an environment that fosters learning with modern energy technology that provides, for example, demand-based heating and consistently good air quality. The utmost attention should therefore be paid to the issue of ventilation with all new-build schools or schools subject to retrofitting.


Ventilation strategies usually form a key component as part of a broader energy concept. Such concepts are aimed at retrofitting the building and the technology used, i.e. enabling a building operation that is optimally adapted to the variable conditions at the school. This therefore creates good external conditions for successful learning and for reducing the costs for operating and maintaining buildings. For years, the www.enob.info and www.eneff-schule.de (German) web portals have been monitoring research projects on energy-optimised schools and presenting successful examples and methods.

In recent years, numerous school buildings have been refurbished and some new ones built within the framework of the energy research, the German government‘s Economic Stimulus Package II and related measures. The implemented measures almost always include ventilation concepts. This BINE Themeninfo brochure has therefore compiled the most important information on ventilation in schools.


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