Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions with FLOX® burners
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Clean coal-fired power plants with coal dust combustion

In the European research project FLOX-COAL, the University of Stuttgart is developing a pilot system for flameless combustion of pulverised coal.
Experiments at the University of Aachen show that this technology can also be developed for pressurised pulverised coal firing in coal-fired power plants. Here, the coal dust burns at pressures of up to 20 bar, and at temperatures of up to 1,450 °C. Measurements from a test system show considerable reduction of NOx concentrations in comparison to a conventional reference burner. For Rhenish lignite, the NOx values drop by around 20%, and for Polish black coal by around 65%. Pressurised pulverised coal firing is a key technology for the development of highly efficient gas and steam power plants, also for operation with black coal. This could allow the efficiency of a black-coal-fired power plant to be increased from today's level of around 45%, to much more than 50%.


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