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Conclusion and prospects

The energy efficiency of the German metal industry has increased significantly in the last years and the possibilities are far from being exhausted. Developing more efficient heating processes ready for the market is of prime importance. The ROREBS process is expected to be introduced on the market soon. Increasingly powerful simulation tools provide new possibilities of optimising processes from the beginning. The burners are to be regarded as a link in the process chain. There will never be an ideal heating plant since it must always be adapted to meet the continuously changing product requirements. Furnace technology will continue to be an important field of research in the coming years together with the integration of the material used. In addition, new designs and construction methods for strategic furnace types may offer interesting opportunities. As for heat recovery, further improvements and electricity generation in special power plants are possible. In the end, the industry has to be motivated, too, so that the efforts of introducing new processes pay off despite harsh, global competition and a booming steel industry.


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