Fig. 29 The energy consumption, structural condition and poor access and circulation within the building made the refurbishment necessary.
© IGEL, Wismar

Fig. 30: Vacuum insulation is concealed behind the blue ceramic panels.
© IGEL, Wismar
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In practice III: Refurbishment of a children’s day care centre

For the refurbishment of a children’s day care centre built using precast concrete, which was conducted as part of a research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the windowless end walls were deemed suitable for the use of VIP insulation, which was one of its first large-scale refurbishment applications. For this purpose, two different systems were tested and compared. On the west elevation, VIPs from a commercial provider were integrated in a standard composite thermal insulation system (2 cm vacuum insulation with a 3 cm PS laminate). This approach enabled the U-value to be improved from the original 1.25 W/(m²K) to 0.18 W/(m²K). For the east elevation, prefabricated VIP facade elements were newly developed that are designed to make it possible to replace defective or damaged VIPs. High-strength ceramic panels on the exterior each protected four VIPs. Because of thermal bridges in this structural system, the U-values in the wall were only (mathematically) reduced to 0.34 W/(m²K).

As part of the VIP-PROVE project, the two designs were tested in terms of their practicality and durability. The newly developed elements on the east side of the building have been shown to be not fully mature in technical terms. In addition to some aerated VIPs (approx. 5%), the thermographic images particularly reveal the thermal weak points in the joints between the facade elements. Considerably less pronounced are the thermal bridges with the system on the west elevation. Two panels and three smaller fitting pieces on a house corner were identified in the images from 2006 as aerated. Checks carried out three years later did not show any others to be defective.


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