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Offshore electricity yields greater than expected

Alpha Ventus achieves positive interim results

Germany’s first offshore wind farm, “Alpha Ventus”, officially commenced operation just over a year ago. The operators now have the preliminary results. The twelve wind turbines produced more than 190 million kilowatt-hours in the last nine months. Mathematically speaking, that is enough electricity to supply 42,000 four-person households – when each uses 4,500 kWh/year – with electricity for one year. The actual electricity yield from Alpha Ventus therefore exceeds the forecasts by five per cent. Once various technical problems were overcome during the initial phase, the wind turbines have achieved an availability of almost 98 per cent on all days.

The spokespersons for the companies involved in the project have expressed their considerable satisfaction with the positive interim results. The technological experience gained in the harsh conditions of the North Sea is important for further developing the entire German offshore industry. In order to be economically viable given the difficult German conditions with considerable water depths remote from the coastline, the utilisation of offshore wind energy requires considerable technological reliability, a good infrastructure and logistics as well as optimised operational and maintenance concepts.


The Alpha Ventus wind farm, the test field for utilising offshore wind energy, consists of twelve 5 megawatt class wind turbines: six AREVA Wind M5000 turbines and six REpower 5 M turbines with two different foundations. The wind farm is situated 45 km off the coast of Borkum at a depth of 30 metres. The findings gained from the Alpha Ventus wind farm will be incorporated into the design, construction and operation of future offshore wind farms.

Alpha Ventus was realised by Deutsche Offshore-Testfeld und Infrastruktur GmbH & Co.KG (Doti), which is funded by the energy supply companies EWE, E.ON and Vattenfall.


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