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Projektinfo 04/2015

Local heating links newbuild with existing district

By means of a district energy concept, researchers in Ludwigsburg are combining the advantages of ambitious building concepts and refurbishment measures with energy efficient heat supply. The heat required for the Sonnenberg development area is generated in winter using a brine/water heat pump in combination with a combined heat and power plant. The local heating network and its extension into the adjacent existing district of Grünbühl provide the post-war housing estate, which is in need of refurbishment, with not just greater living comfort but also energy efficiency benefits and cost savings.  more...
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Projektinfo 03/2015

Heating with gas adsorption heat pumps

Condensing boiler technology has long been considered the most energy-saving technology for heating single- and multi-family homes with gas. Its systematic further development is now provided by adsorption heating devices. They combine condensing boiler technology with a zeolite/water-based thermal heat pump module. This uses geothermal energy or solar energy and reduces the fuel consumption by more than 20 per cent relative to condensing boiler technology.   more...

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Themeninfo I/2014

Researching in the global network

International research collaborations are becoming increasingly important. Germany is involved in a variety of ways in international energy research. An important pillar in this regard is its involvement in the International Energy Agency (IEA). Germany is a founding member of this organisation. An IEA field of activity particularly relevant to energy research is its energy technology network.  more...
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Solar thermal power plants

The annual solar irradiation on the earth provides more than 8,000 times the world’s energy requirements. Mathematically speaking, about 1 % of the surface area of the Sahara Desert is sufficient in order to meet the world’s electricity requirements with solar thermal power plants. A solar thermal power plant was already constructed close to Cairo at the beginning of the 20th century. Using parabolic mirrors, the power plant captured and concentrated solar energy and used it to heat oil for boiling water. This in turn was used to drive steam turbines and produce electricity.  more...

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Schools plug into the sun

Photovoltaic systems in schools help save energy and enhance classroom teaching. They shape a school's image and indicate that energy supply is a future-focused subject. Grants are available to schools wanting to install photovoltaic panels.  more...
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Schoolchildren are saving energy

At many schools they already exist: schoolchildren as energy detectives, energy managers or energy teams. They track down energy leaks, take the initiative, assume responsibility and ultimately know a great deal about saving energy. Their commitment is often also financially rewarding for their school.  more...



27.04.2015 - 29.04.2015

Berliner Energietage 2015
05.05.2015 - 05.05.2015

Windmesse Technik Symposium 2015

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