BINE – a short portrait

The BINE editorial team, experts with a background in engineering and journalism, provide information in an independent, experienced and critical manner. Current information from research and pilot projects is thoroughly researched and prepared in a target-group-oriented way. The three series of brochures (Projektinfo, Themeninfo and basisEnergie), which describe results and experience gathered from research projects, are geared toward those who could potentially apply this information in practice, i.e. developers, planners, consultants, investors, energy suppliers and occupants. These publications, as well as the BINE newsletter, can be subscribed to at no cost. At www.bine.info, the information provided is systematically interconnected with additional information.

BINE Information Service facilitates the transfer of knowledge and information from energy research to practice, while cooperating closely with companies and institutions which, within the framework of sponsored projects, work to make efficiency technologies and renewable energy sources ready for use. Numerous collaborations with establishments in the fields of research, education and practice, as well as with trade press and politicians, serve to accelerate the application of energy research topics.
BINE Information Service is provided by FIZ Karlsruhe and sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.


Press contact

Uwe Milles
Tel. +49 228 / 92379-26