Various concepts tested in the Eifel and Harz regions

Future electricity provision in rural regions

The energy revolution cannot succeed without a modern and suitably adapted electricity grid, whereby nationwide concepts are required, and not just for the urban conurbations. Electricity networks in scarcely populated rural regions must be able to cope simultaneously with the small local requirements and continual increase in decentralised electricity generation. That is a consequence of the expansion of wind energy and PV systems in rural areas.

“Smart Country” model project

Together with three partners, the local energy supplier in the Bitburg-Prüm region has developed an initial, small-scale smart grid for rural deployment. The aim was to make greater use of information and communications technologies, deploy modern voltage controllers and restructure the distribution network. A biogas plant with a CHP power plant was expanded so that it can also balance out fluctuations in the wind and solar power. The BINE-Projektinfo brochure “Smart control of rural electricity grid” (12/2012) presents the project.

Harz model region

The 240,000 residents in the rural district of Harz, which is one of six model regions in the German government’s E-Energy programme, already have one third of their electricity generated by renewable energy. However, there are still many unused reserves available for generating and storing electricity and shifting the loads, whereby the aim is to market more renewable electricity. More than 20 partners from different sectors of the electricity industry have therefore tested technologies and business models in this region. The BINE-Projektinfo brochure “Rural district of Harz tests electricity supply of the future” (13/2012) presents the central components, which include a virtual power plant, smart meters and new methods for managing and marketing the grid.


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Future electricity provision in rural regions

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