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How economical are energy-optimised buildings?

In technical terms it is relatively easy to construct and renovate buildings with minimal energy requirements. However, when, for whom and to what extent the selected construction standard is economical is a matter of considerable debate within the professional world and politics. The new BINE-Themeninfo brochure entitled “Profitability of energy-optimised buildings” (III/2017) introduces approaches, calculation methods as well as real estate and research projects. These show that energy-optimised buildings can achieve cost-effectiveness through integrated, holistic planning in conjunction with monitoring.

When assessing the economic viability of energy-efficient buildings, the perspectives and assumptions about energy prices, capital market development and period of use play a major role. For developers, investors, planners and tenants, the implemented measures have a very different economic impact. The BINE-Themeninfo brochure presents various approaches to achieving cost-effectiveness as well as methods for recording the main payment flows and costs. Especially during the early planning phase, cost parameters for thermal insulation measures and systems technology are helpful in deciding between different variants.

Economic viability is also a requirement of the German Energy Saving Act (EnEG) and the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) derived from it.

The authors of the BINE-Themeninfo brochure are Professor Thomas Lützkendorf, Centre for Real Estate at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and Dr. Ing. Andreas Enseling from Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH in Darmstadt.


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