Monitoring using selected operational data ensures low energy consumption

Long-term energy efficient operation of school building

Intensive monitoring during the Gebhard Müller School’s first three years of operation at its site in Biberach has resulted in measurable successes: the primary energy consumption fell by nearly a third. The BINE-Projektinfo brochure "Long-term monitoring of school building" (09/2015) describes which data flows and technical measures are relevant for a permanently energy-efficient building operation.

If the building’s energy consumption increases, this should be identified promptly. It is only then that the operating personnel can perform the necessary adjustments and ensure low consumption in the long term. This is where long-term monitoring makes sense, whereby first of all the operating areas need to be identified that determine the building’s energy consumption. Based on this information it is then possible to derive the measurement concept, the data to be collected and a suitable data model.

Such long-term monitoring is being carried out at the school building in Biberach. This is one reason why the building has had a consistently low energy consumption for more than a decade. During the course of the measurements it was revealed, for example, that a considerable proportion of the overall electricity used is consumed by the HVAC systems for air conditioning. Increases in the electricity consumption kept occurring, whose causes were able to be identified through the long-term monitoring.

The research project was led by Biberach University of Applied Sciences.


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