Dried lignite as a fuel increases the adaptability

Supporting renewables with coal-fired power plants

To enable more renewable energy to be fed into the grid, conventional power plants need to be more flexible. At the Jänschwalde power plant in Brandenburg, ignition and auxiliary burners with plasma ignition ensure that the fluctuating residual load can be better covered. The procedure is described in the BINE-Projektinfo brochure 07/2016, entitled "Dry lignite increases flexibility".

The preferential feed-in of renewable energy into the grid by network operators is not sufficient to meet the electricity demand at all times. Instead of providing a constant base load, conventional power stations are therefore increasingly having to compensate for this by covering the fluctuating residual load. In the Jänschwalde power plant, a method is being used for the first time that utilises dry lignite instead of heating oil as the fuel.

As part of a research project, dry lignite ignition burners were used that can be operated as both start-up and auxiliary burners. The new auxiliary burners utilise electrical direct ignition and enable the minimum load of the power plant unit to be reduced from 36 to 26 percent. This enables the power plant to also provide power when a high proportion of renewable energy is available in the grid. In addition, the dry lignite burners are also widely adjustable and can be used in a range that extends between 25 and 100 percent of their rated power.

The research project was led by the Vattenfall energy supply company.


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Das BINE-Projektino „Trockenbraunkohle erhöht die Flexibilität“ (07/2016)

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Das Kraftwerk Jänschwalde aus der Vogelperspektive

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Aerial view of Jänschwalde power plant. Copyright by Jörg Friebe, www.Lausitz-Bild.de