Construction technique is also suitable for solar systems and heating networks

Building large heat storage tanks from segments

A consortium from research and industry has deployed segmental construction for a larger storage tank for the first time. The storage tank is made from enamelled and sealed steel segments. The construction method has been tried and tested for cooling storage. The new BINE Projektinfo “Cost-saving erection of large heat storage tanks” (10/2018) presents the first results from a demonstration model with a volume of approx. 100 cubic metres. The researchers tested the durability in regard to temperature changes, the corrosion resistance and the suitability of various insulation materials.

The pilot storage tank, installed in Nortorf (Schleswig Holstein) can be charged and discharged with an output of 230 kW. For the first time, the construction principle, which is flexible in terms of shape and size, has been transferred to heat storage for the temperature range of up to 100°C. Heat storage tanks using segmental construction are suitable for both temporary and seasonal storage in solar and district heating systems. Storage sizes of between 500 to 6,000 m³ could also perspectively be achieved. Thanks to the low heat losses and a stable temperature stratification, there are many possibilities for use. The concept boasts comparably low investment and operating costs.

The research project is building on the experience gained from a large cool water storage tank that has been tried and tested in the district cooling network of the city of Chemnitz for more than ten years. The research project was jointly carried out by farmatic tank systems in Nortorf as well as teams from Chemnitz University of Technology and Stuttgart University.


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The BINE-Projektinfo „Cost-saving erection of large heat storage tanks“ (10/2018)

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Abbildung 1: Erstmals wurde in Nortorf als Pilotprojekt ein Wärmespeicher in Segmentbauweise errichtet (© T. Urbaneck, TU Chemnitz)

Image 1
For the first time, a heat storage tank using segmental construction has been built in Nortorf as a pilot project (© T. Urbaneck, Chemnitz University of Technology)