Darmstadt model project is testing the production of the future

Factory networks energy, buildings and production

In the “ETA Factory” demonstration project, the Technische Universität Darmstadt is researching concepts for multi-networked, industrial production facilities. In the concept, the scientists are integrating the energy flows, building envelope and industrial process chain across technologies and disciplines. The new BINE-Projektinfo brochure entitled “Energy efficient model factory” (03/2018) presents the ETA Factory, which serves as a research object, demonstration facility and place of learning. By shifting the system boundaries between the machines and building, the researchers expect economically feasible energy savings of up to 40%.

The ETA Factory concept aims to reduce energy consumption and increase load flexibility. This is achieved by treating the energy system for the building and production as a whole. The production area depicts a typical process chain for metalworking and includes characteristic processes such as machining or grinding. Intelligent control systems ensure that there is always enough energy at the right time and in the right place. Energy efficiency played an important role in the choice of machine tools used. These are one fifth more efficient than conventional reference systems.

In Darmstadt, an interdisciplinary team from the mechanical engineering, engineering sciences, architecture and communication technology fields is behind the project. Practical experience is provided by joint working groups with various branches of industry.

The public closing event for the research project took place on Tuesday, 11 April 2018. BINE Information Service has published a BINE News article about it at www.bine.info/en/newsoverview/.


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Das BINE-Projektinfo „Energieeffiziente Modellfabrik“ (03/2018)

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Abbildung 1:
In der ETA-Fabrik an der TU Darmstadt werden Energieströme, Gebäude und Produktionsprozesse umfassend vernetzt. (© TU Darmstadt, Eibe Sönnecken)

Image 1
Energy flows, building and production processes are comprehensively networked in the ETA Factory at TU Darmstadt. (TU Darmstadt, Eibe Sönnecken)

Abbildung 2: Die Produktionsprozesse umfassen charakteristische Verfahren der Metallverarbeitung. (© TU Darmstadt, Eibe Sönnecken)

Image 2
The production processes include characteristic metal processing procedures. (TU Darmstadt, Eibe Sönnecken)

Abbildung 3: Härteöfen erreichen ein Einsparpotenzial von ca. 50 %, u.a. durch Rückgewinnung von Abwärme und Nutzung von Prozessabgasen zur Ofenheizung. (© TU Darmstadt, Jan Hosan)

Image 3
Hardening furnaces achieve a roughly 50% savings potential, including by recovering waste heat and using process exhaust gases for heating the furnaces. (TU Darmstadt, Jan Hosan)