Concept helps reduce primary energy consumption by 30%

Energy requirement contracts as Berlin-Adlershof expands

According to forecasts, by 2020, the relocation of businesses to Berlin-Adlershof will double today’s energy requirement at the expanding science and business park. A comprehensive energy concept has been developed to counter this trend. The newly published BINE Projektinfo brochure entitled “Technology park grows efficiently” (14/2013) presents a number of approaches to reducing the primary energy consumption by around one-third. Central to these approaches is the energy-efficient improvement and interlinking of buildings and supply systems and the introduction of an energy management system.

The concept, which is based on an appraisal completed in 2012, presents a variety of energy efficiency measures for the entire site, including the use of storage technologies, an integrated heating network in a residential area with single and two-family homes, an open heating network designed for the decentralised feed-in of solar heat and waste heat as well as concepts and systems relating to cooling networks and combined heating, cooling and power generation systems. In addition, the researchers also developed planning tools to estimate the future energy requirement of the as yet unknown institutions and companies that are expected to relocate to the 120 ha extension area in the coming years.

The concept was developed by WISTA Management GmbH, a subsidiary of the Federal State of Berlin, in conjunction with further partners. At present, 950 companies and 16 scientific institutions, including Berliner Elektronenspeicherring (BESSY) and the “Mediacity” media centre, are located in Berlin-Adlershof. All in all, 23,000 people work, study and live here.


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The BINE-Projektinfo „Science and business park grows efficiently“ (14/2013)

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Luftaufnahme Berlin-Adlershof im Mai 2011.

Figure 1
Aerial shot of the Berlin-Adlershof technology park, taken in May 2011. (© Adlershof Projekt)

Figure 2: Map of the project area with subareas and uses. (© Adlershof Projekt)

Figure 2
Map of the project area with subareas and uses. (© Adlershof Projekt)