Library undercuts EnEV 2007 for new-build schemes by more than 30%

Storing old documents in a new climate

The City of Nuremberg has expanded and refurbished its City Library to form a Central Library. It now houses both new and old book collections that were previously spread across various sites. In particular, the storage of medieval manuscripts and listed building requirements presented important challenges. The BINE-Projektinfo brochure “Excellent climate for ancient manuscripts” (17/2015) describes the construction measures and monitoring results.

The building belonging to the former City Library was increased in height with additional floors and provided with a new extension. This is connected via a link building with a listed former monastery. This also houses library collections. Part of the ensemble of buildings was refurbished.

Following the renovation, the heating requirement of the new Central Library only amounts to about 18% of the consumption prior to the refurbishment and the specific electricity consumption is now only around two thirds of the original consumption.

Prior to the rebuilding work, letters from Albrecht Dürer as well as many other valuable collections were not optimally housed. The sensitive historic collections have now been stored in stacks that are almost completely decoupled from the outside air. This is a reason why the limit values for the indoor air humidity can be maintained.

The project was carried out under the direction of the City of Nuremberg Building Department.


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Das BINE-Projektinfo „Prima Klima für alte Schriften“ (17/2015)

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Abb. 1: In der neuen Nürnberger Zentralbibliothek werden Denkmalschutz und moderne Gebäudesanierung vereint. (© Stadt Nürnberg, Hochbauamt)

Abbildung 1
The Nuremburg City Library combines monument conservation and a modern way of refurbishment. (© Stadt Nürnberg, Hochbauamt)