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... provides the missing links between research and applications; we report on new materials, systems and components, innovative concepts and methods, and on the knowledge to be gained from testing new technologies in practice. We gather together expertise in one place and ensure that planners, investors and users have up-to-date knowledge – and all this in an independent, experienced and critical manner! We cover a broad range of topics: planning of energy-efficient new buildings; integration of heat recovery, insulation and ventilation technologies; optimisation of energy processes in industry and commercial businesses; use of renewable energy sources; development of new energy concepts ...

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Laying pipelines in a more environmentally friendly manner

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Laying pipelines in a more environmentally friendly manner

The near-surface installation of pipelines usually causes massive disturbance to the environment. It can create corridors up to 50 metres wide. The BINE Projektinfo brochure “Swift construction of pipelines” (04/2014) presents a method that requires less than one fifth of the usual width. The steel or concrete pipes can be used for heating networks and can connect more distant customers faster and in a more environmentally friendly manner.  more...
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Increasing the efficiency of metal-cutting machining centres

Modern machine tools offer a diverse range of possibilities: they drill, mill, saw, turn and grind fully automatically. These production steps, which comprise the different metal-cutting processes, often only make up around 20% of the machine’s energy consumption. Most of the energy is consumed by peripheral systems such as the hydraulics, cooling and lubrication. The BINE-Projektinfo brochure “Making machine tools work more efficiently” (03/2014) presents a research project that analysed the energy consumption of the individual machine components and developed optimisation concepts. Energy savings of up to 50% are possible. In some cases the additional measures pay for themselves after just a few months.  more...
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Photovoltaics with full concentration

The development of photovoltaics is far from over. The prices are dropping and their external appearance today ranges from textiles furnished with thin-film cells to large-scale free-standing plants based on silicon. Progress is also being made with the technology. The BINE-Projektinfo brochure “Energy from a thousand suns” (02/2014) presents modules made of multi-junction solar cells, which are combined with optical concentrator systems and track the sun. This concept focuses the sunlight by up to a thousand times and a solar cell has reached a record efficiency of 44.7% in the laboratory.  more...


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