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    News 12.03.2014

    Fuel cell heating units ready for market

    In Germany’s largest fuel cell heating unit field test, 350 systems by various manufacturers have been tested in homes to date. This is in preparation for market launch and mass production. By mid-2016, up to 500 units are to be tested in the “Callux” field test.  more...

    Wood foam replaces artificial insulation material

    Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI in Braunschweig have developed a process which allows foam to be produced from wood particles. It is as light as balsa wood, a material commonly used for model aircraft, and has excellent thermal insulation properties due to its pore structure. The material is suitable as insulation, packing material and for structural applications. The form-stable wood foam can currently be produced at a laboratory scale.  more...
    News 06.03.2014

    Superconductor begins test operation

    Developers from science and industry are jointly investigating the technical, economic and ecological aspects concerned with superconductor technology in electricity grids. As part of the AmpaCity project in Essen, a two-year test operation is scheduled to be launched this spring with a one-kilometre superconductor test route. This test is designed to show that superconductor technology could provide a future alternative to conventional high voltage technology in cities.  more...

    Energy efficient Ludwigsburg

    At the EnEff:Stadt Conference, which was held in January 2014 in Berlin, the City of Ludwigsburg presented its longstanding experience and activities, which today are systematically aimed at achieving energy efficiency and climate protection. Particularly with the founding of the Sustainable Urban Development Department, the municipality has created a decisive organisational basis for implementing its urban development concept. The department steers and processes the diverse range of projects, and integrates them with all administrative activities. Since 2005, continual public participation has ensured its acceptance.  more...

    Satisfaction with office environment put to the test

    Energy efficient buildings can achieve high user acceptance in summer even without active cooling. However, with extended periods of hot weather or with high internal thermal loads, these buildings and thus the heat tolerance of the users can increasingly come up against their limits. With LOBSTER, an experimental climate chamber at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the adaptive behaviour of office users and how this impacts on their perceived thermal comfort is being investigated under typical office conditions. BINE Information Service spoke with project head Dr. Marcel Schweiker about the results of the initial test series.  more...
    News 13.02.2014

    Where renewable power plants pay off

    With the FreeGreenius simulation programme, engineers can calculate which yields can be achieved by a renewable power plant project at a specific location. In addition, the tool also enables them to plan how the installation must be designed and sized in order to feed in the desired amount of electricity into the grid. Designers of solar power plants and wind turbines can therefore gain an initial insight into whether a power plant is viable and under what conditions. The German Aerospace Centre (DLR) offers the software free of charge for downloading.  more...

    Tapping foreign markets with business trips

    The two Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency export initiatives help small- and medium-sized enterprises to open foreign markets. In order to make contact with potential cooperation partners, they are offering diverse business trips to Europe and the rest of the world this year. The service includes an analysis of the specific interests of the companies taking part. Based on this, the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce Abroad (AHKs) are organising individual meetings for the participants with representatives from business, science and administration.  more...

    Heat pipes de-ice railway points

    Geothermal heating ensures that railway points also remain working when there is ice and snow. Once installed, they work independently using only geothermal energy and without any additional energy being supplied. After many years of research and testing in pilot rigs, the system has now been approved by the German Federal Railway Authority.  more...
    News 31.01.2014

    Laser-based remote diagnosis of rotor blades

    Wind turbine rotor blades and towers vibrate during normal operation and particularly when there are gusty winds. The analysis of these vibrations plays an important role in terms of the turbine development and maintenance. This was previously only possible at selected points directly on the turbines. For this purpose the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation (IOSB) has developed a laser-based process that records vibrations on towers, nacelles and rotor blades during the ongoing operation of the turbines – and from a distance of up to one kilometre.  more...

    Passive house standard proves itself with indoor swimming pool

    The indoor swimming pool in Lünen has pioneered the energy standard. After two years in operation, the scientific monitoring has verified that the concept has been a success. The swimming pool, which has been constructed to the passive house standard, consumes considerably less heat and electricity than a conventional indoor swimming pool. Optimisation could reduce the final energy consumption by a further 25 per cent. The monitoring also enables the energy flows and their interactions in the swimming pool hall to be ascertained more precisely.  more...


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