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Note: if you have questions regarding individual BINE publications, the best way to get answers is to reach for the telephone and to call our editorial office directly.

If you have general questions – for interest's sake – regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, which do not have any direct relevance to research or innovative concepts, methods or technologies, we recommend the following information providers and advice centres:

For an introduction

For the specific construction and refurbishment projects of private building contractors
    * Consumer organisations' energy consultation

If you, as a company or research institute, have a project idea, for which you are seeking funding, this contact information may be helpful to you:
Research and innovation – federal funding consultation
    * Infoline for the funding of research and innovation
      Tel. 0800 26 23 008 (kostenfrei)
    * Guidance service for companies (without experience in subsidy programmes)
      Tel. 0800 26 23 009 (kostenfrei)
    * Email: beratung(at)foerderinfo.bund.de
    * Website: www.foerderinfo.bund.de


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